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Geelong Roofing Specialists is one of the best companies that offer re-roofing services in Geelong, VIC. Our team comprises highly trained and experienced roofers who are committed to delivering top-quality services within your budget and preferences. Over the years, we have re-roofed many residential and commercial homes within the Geelong area. All our roofers and other builders are fully licensed and insured to work in their areas of expertise. We do our re-roofing to Australian standards and we adhere to all local authorities’ regulations. We are committed to delivering high-quality services and professional craftsmanship.

Re-roofing is a great way of enhancing the appearance and value of a building. Re-roofing should be conducted by a qualified and experienced professional who can remove an old roof and replace it with a new one without causing any damage. At Geelong Roofing Specialists, we provide re-roofing services for commercial, domestic and industrial properties. We have experience in delivering both metal roofing and fibreglass roofing replacement. If you want natural light to shine through your roof, you should consider fibreglass roofing.

Re-roofing can be challenging if you don’t have the skills and experience to do it. At Geelong Roofing Specialists, we can diagnose problems on all types of metal roofs and give a viable recommendation to address the issues. Our roofers handle re-roofing projects from the beginning to the end; removing the existing roof and installing the new roof. If your house is too old, its roof could be damaged and leaky. Note that a small leak can cause significant and costly damage. Depending on your budget, we can replace tiled roofs with metal roofing. Our roofers are conversant with removing the old tiles, installing metal battens and then installing a new roof.

Fibreglass roofing can help many businesses, such as factories, save energy and reduce power bills. Our technicians have worked with different domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Geelong, replacing old or cracked fibreglass roofing. Our roofing specialists are available and willing to inspect your roof, evaluate it and give a quote.

If you want your home to be re-roofed with Colourbond Metal Fascia, look no further. Geelong Roofing Specialists will install the Colourbond Metal Fascia to enhance the beauty and durability of your home. Our roofers are adept at assessing your home to determine whether to add a new roof to the existing one or replace it with a new one.

An old roof may be damaged due to several reasons, such as prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions. Re-roofing is an ideal way of replacing your damaged roof. At Geelong Roofing Specialists, we are adept at installing new roofs to replace the old ones. Before we do any roof installation, our specialists will give you a quote to make you familiar with the project cost. Whether you have a small or large project that needs re-roofing, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and a quote. We are available and committed to delivering top-quality services that exceed your expectations.

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