Roof Replacements

roof repairs

At Geelong Roofing Specialists, we provide roof replacement services for commercial and residential homeowners based in Geelong, VIC. A roof replacement is an ideal option, mainly when a roof is worn-out beyond repair. We offer a variety of roofing materials to choose from and we can install roofs on any structure, whether big or small. We use top-quality materials to replace a roof and we are committed to delivering top-notch services to your style and preferences. Roof replacement can enhance your home’s value, energy efficiency and curb appeal. We pride ourselves on professional craftsmanship, strong customer service and vast experience. Call us today and get a free quote with no obligation whatsoever.

Benefits of a New Roof
Roof replacement has a lot of benefits to homeowners and business owners. At Geelong Roofing Specialists, our roof replacement is meant to make your home look beautiful and long-lasting. An excellent roof boosts your home’s look and durability. With our roofing, rest assured that you will save more energy and reduce costs on bills. A new roof can help you prevent mould and other health hazards. We always install high-quality and long-lasting roofs and we guarantee the safety and durability of your home.

Commercial Roof Replacements
Geelong Roofing Specialists provides high-quality commercial roof replacements for commercial clients in the Geelong area. Over the years, our team has replaced many commercial roofs in the Geelong area and its environs. With years of industry experience, we have installed new roofs in restaurants, schools, hotels, and offices. We provide a variety of roofing materials and we will install a roof that meets your budget and style. With a new roof, your business’ safety and energy efficiency is guaranteed. If you are looking for someone to replace your business roof, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for more details.

Residential Roof Replacement
Residential roof replacement is vital, especially when the existing roof is worn-out beyond repair. At Geelong Roofing Specialists, we are adept at replacing your residential roof and we are committed to delivering top-quality services that exceed your expectations.  We provide a wide range of roofing options to choose from. Our residential roof replacement will improve the beauty and value of your home. We use high-quality roofing materials that will last a lifetime. If you want a new roof for your home, please contact us.

Residential Re-Roofing Services
Re-roofing is one of the most affordable methods of installing a roof. Unlike roof replacement, re-roofing entails putting shingles over an existing roof to make it look like new. Geelong Roofing Specialists will be quick when it comes to re-roofing your home, saving you time and money. A re-roofed roof looks attractive and enhances the value of a home. Re-roofing entails adding extra weight to the existing roof and due to safety concerns, it should be done only once on a home. At Geelong Roofing Specialists, we are available and willing to re-roof your home. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient service and professional workmanship. Call our customer service today for more details and get a free quote. 

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